planet microjam  |  david fiuczynski

Planet MicroJam is guitar maestro and master composer David Fiuczynski’s most complete statement in creating a true music to unite eastern and western music traditions, by associating Eastern (and African) microtonal scales to western groove.

The result is a music tapestry quite unheard of before yet profoundly emotional and dance-inducing.

For Planet MicroJam Fiuczynski has called upon the talents of a plethora of incredible musicians, as it features the talents of Jack DeJohnette, Kenwood Dennard, Jovol Bell and Erik Kerr on drums, Evgeny Lebedev and Takeru Yamazaki on microtonal keyboards, David Ginyard on bass and David Radley on violin.

“…This is some righteous stuff! … Planet Microjam is a guaranteed mind blower for guitar fans and theory geeks alike. Going outside the box is indeed a good thing…” CriticalJazz

“With such a deft alloy of so many inputs coming from so many different places musically, the microtones aren’t nearly the only thing that makes Planet Microjam such a peculiar record, but it’s the thing that ties it all together. You’re not likely to find another record out this year that rates so high on both the weirdness and artistic scales as this one.” SomethinElse

“an album full of microtonal groove power” Rockarolla


flicker  |  adam bitter

This album is an amazing collection of great song writing and great arranging.  You will truly enjoy the sound of electronic music/meets praise and worship/ meets folk.


rest in god alone  |  adam bitter

This Recording is an experience of authentic praise and worship in a small group setting. It will bring you to prayer instantly!


i’ll be home soon  |  adam bitter

Tells the story of the heroes of the “The Joshua Chamberlain Society.” (An organization that adopts severely wounded veterans and the families of those who have fallen.)

“The Joshua Chamberlain Society” or “JCS” adopts severely wounded veterans and the families of those who have fallen. JCS is committed to make life for these heroes as comfortable as possible for the rest of their lives. This collection of simple country music tells the real life stories of the heroes of JCS. You will feel both the joy and the sorrow of those who have given up so much for our country. We hope that as you listen to these songs you will join us in supporting our heroes.


A song of hope, featuring pictures of our JCS Heroes, telling the story of their perseverance, hard work, and patience as they recover from their war injuries. Support JCS by purchasing this song at the iTunes store: