I am a creative and passionate musician specializing in brand-immersive musical composition. I am drawn to music that creates an emotional experience and reflects the identity and culture of those creating it.

Music should be beautiful, functional, meaningful and reflective of its creators. It should be designed with purpose. These attributes make the music both timeless and precious.

I am an improviser. The meditative processes of composition and improvisation come from my appreciation, understanding, and control of emotional and musical devices, form, and technique. I love exploring and communicating forms and musical concepts through various instrumentation and sound design.

As an educator, I’m interested in encouraging students to find their own voices. I teach students how to apply chord-scale theory to the styles that they are interested in playing. I also teach practical analysis of compositions so that students can use these compositional principles to generate and manipulate melodies, phrases, harmonies, counter-lines, rhythmic ideas, and other parts. This approach stimulates creativity and trains the creative reflexes.

It is important for students to learn all essential musical knowledge; however, they will progress more quickly and experience more enjoyment by working on music that excites them.

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